KEYNOTE PANELIST 4 – Adrian Stone (Director of Security Response, BlackBerry / RIM)

Adrian Stone is the Director of Security Response at BlackBerry, where he leads a growing global team comprised of developers, reverse engineers, malware analysts, and operational incident managers. The BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team’s mission is to ensure that RIM is prepared to address vulnerabilities in products or services that have reached commercialization. This includes responding to reports of product vulnerabilities, malware, spam, and privacy issues; completing code audits and root cause analysis studies to identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they are externally discovered; and engaging with internal development teams, cellular carriers, the open source community, the security community, governments, and CERTs to provide updates to customers and help protect them from computing security threats.

Prior to joining RIM, Adrian was a senior manager in the Microsoft Security Response Center where he was involved in several strategic business initiatives including defining Microsoft’s security strategy for Cloud technologies, a contributing author to the Security Intelligence Report on product vulnerabilities and security response, and managing the Microsoft Vulnerability Research (MSVR) program through the reporting of over 60 vulnerabilities to third party vendors including complex cross-industry issues such as ATL vulnerability response. Adrian also represented Microsoft in ICASI’s Common Vulnerability Reporting Framework and frequently presented to domestic and international government partners. Joining the MSRC in 2005, in his first two years on the team his work with Windows and Office resulted in the publication of 74 security bulletins (143 unique CVEs).

With over 14 years of security industry experience, Adrian’s previous roles include securing nuclear and non-nuclear critical infrastructure technology assets including SCADA and DCS systems, and security analyst and incident response roles at a number of global ISPs.