KEYNOTE PANELIST 3 – Aaron Portnoy (Manager, Security Research Team, TippingPoint Technologies)

Aaron Portnoy is the Manager of the Security Research Team at TippingPoint Technologies. His group is responsible for reverse engineering vulnerability submissions to the ZDI program, discovering new 0day vulnerabilities in enterprise software, developing tools to aid in these processes, and running contests such as Pwn2Own.

Aaron has discovered critical vulnerabilities affecting a wide range of vendors including: Microsoft, Adobe, RSA, Citrix, Symantec, HP, IBM, EMC, CA, VMware, and others. He has presented original research in the areas of reverse engineering and fuzzing at conferences such as BlackHat, BlueHat, RSA, and RECon. Additionally, Aaron has been an invited speaker at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU, several three-letter government agencies, and has been referenced in several published works.