Guillaume Prigent (Founder/CTO diateam)

Presentation Title Netglub: Really Open Source Information Gathering
Presentation Abstract

Open Source Information Gathering is an emerging discipline in which all the wealth does not yet seem exploited. In this presentation we try to define the usage context of this area and give an illustration of tooling through the instrumentation of our platform Netglub, an alternative to the well-known tool Maltego. We wanted to achieve an Open-Source version so that everyone can implement their own Open Source Information Gathering infrastructure.

The purpose of this presentation is to show, from the basic features and architecture elements, how we designed the distributed platform ‘Netglub’. In this presentation, we begin by reminding what is commonly meant by Open Source Information Gathering, in order to define it’s usage context. After exposing some use-cases we present the foundations of our platform, it’s general architecture and some of it’s specifics, before opening the debate and suggesting some avenues for study. We shall also present our current developments and the development roadmap for future releases.

About Guillaume Prigent

Guillaume Prigent, founder and CTO of diateam, is a computer security research engineer, and has worked in the field of security simulation for the last 10 years. He began as a research engineer in 1999 at CERV, the European Centre for Virtual Reality in Brest, where he developed the concepts of hybrid simulation for the french Department of Defense. Guillaume Prigent is the Project leader and architect of the open source Hynesim and Netglub projects ( & He also gives talks and classes in many engineering schools (ENIB, ENSIETA, ESM Saint-Cyr). Guillaume is the author of several papers on security, and is a frequent speaker and/or attendee at security and testing conferences (SSTIC, C&ESAR, FRHACK, HACK.LU, …), mainly in France.