Epto (Independent Security Researcher)

Epto has to cancel his presentation due to his involvement with legal proceedings against IMOB. More details here: http://www.garanteprivacy.it/garante/doc.jsp?ID=1109493

Presentation Title She’s Got a Ticket to Ride: Fake MIFARE Tickets
Presentation Abstract

The objective of this talk is to explain the reverse engineering technique of the ticketing system of public transport systems. We will analyze the security vulnerabilities of the MIFARE ultralight ticketing system. How much data is visible in the log of a ticketing system? Is our privacy is protected? This talk will cover:

- User tracking.
- How to remotely detect supervisor agents.
- How to lock the tickets to prevent the recharge and charging.
- How to destroy the RFID chip with the R.F.I.D.D. technique.
- How to remotely compromise the local validators and the supervisor agents equipment.

About Epto

Epto is an activist for defence of digital rights and privacy. He is the founder of the Anopticon project and the webgui of tramaci.org. The Anopticon project put the surveillance back to the “big brother” denouncing all CCTV cameras in the public space and the Webgui project is a WebOS project coded in PHP, Javascript and in a new language PHPE. He also founded the Magneto project to analyze the magnetic prepaid phone cards and reverse the telephone payment system – http://magneto.r8.org Since 1990 he has been studying telephone systems and electronics communication.