Mary Yeoh (Intel Corp)

Presentation Title Fuzzing the RTL
Presentation Abstract

Have you ever thought of how to predict and prevent attacks on your design? The fact is hackers attack methods are creative and have no boundaries. Writing more penetration tests may not overcome the challenges from hacks and this may cost a stepping if the bug requires hardware fix.

In this talk, I will focus on how to create test scenarios beyond thought in hardware design during development phase, and how the existing method on focus testing was improved to meet the challenges. During the talks, I will cover the following:

- The evolution from the exiting method – from focus penetration testing to fuzzing
- How to define the domain to test on a design? – An invisible fortification wall for the logic to be protected.
- The selection of random test vectors – Setting of control register bits and input parameters, attack positioning
- Fuzzing the RTL – Attack!
- What can you do to ensure your design can withstand attacks?

About Mary Yeoh

Mary Yeoh is one of the key technical staff in hardware design engineering at Intel Corporation. Over the years, she has been in several roles involving architecture and micro-architecture of the chipset design, validation and security development. She currently has two publications at and several paper presentations at conferences within and beyond Intel.