New Additions!

Just incase you missed the announcements on our Twitter stream, we’re adding on a couple of new features to this year’s conference that we’re really excited about:

Capture The Flag Weapons of Mass Destruction 2.0

Capture the Flag Weapons of Mass Destruction 2.0 will for the VERY FIRST TIME feature a collaborative effort between the HITB CTF Crew, Whitewolf Security and The Hex Factor. The basic principle of CTF-WMD is similar to past CTF competitions held at Hack in The Box – attack and defend. Teams of 3 will have a set of daemons / services running on their machines and they need to exploit rival teams’ daemons to get their flags. Submit the flag to obtain offensive points. Keep your daemons up and running to obtain defensive points.

Lock Picking Village by featuring Barry Wels and Han Fey

Set up and run by Barry Wels and Han Fey – the ORIGINAL FOUNDERS OF The Open Organization of Lockpickers (TOOOL Netherlands), attendees to this year’s event will get a chance to try their hand at picking, shimming, bumping, safecracking, and other physical security attacks. It has always been customary for TOOOL-sponsored physical security sessions to offer some degree of audience interaction and hands-on training. Sometimes this has taken the form of publicly-submitted locks being given on the spot security analysis, other times members of the general public with no lock-picking experience have been invited to attempt a bypass in order to demonstrate its ease.

HITB Hard-Hack Village by HackerspaceKL & Random Data (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

In the HITB Hard-Hack Village you will be able to play-around with electronics. Set up and run by the folks from Hackerspace Kuala Lumpur and Randomdata (Utrecht/Netherlands), the Hard Hack Village will help you to setup your own electronics and demonstrate how easy things work. One of the main electronic components which will be used is the Arduino micro-controller platform. Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

HITB SIGINT (Signals Intelligence / Signal Interrupt)

A brand new introduction for 2010, the HITB SIGINT (Signal Intelligence/Interrupt) sessions are designed to provide a quick 15 minute overview for material and research that’s up and coming – stuff that isn’t quite ready for the mainstream tracks of the conference but deserve a mention nonetheless. This session is also open to all final year students who want to present their projects to industry experts and prove their worth before they graduate.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen it, the electronic conference flyer is now available for download. We had a really exceptional number of early bird registrations this year and if you’re thinking of attending the conference, we strongly suggest you REGISTER NOW or face the prospect of getting turned back at the door. See you guys in October!

- The HITB Team

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