Luis Corrons (Director of Research, PandaLabs)

Presentation Title Lessons Learned from Mariposa: Avoiding Disaster – Protecting from Cybercrime
Presentation Abstract

The recent takedown of the Mariposa botnet, the largest recorded in history, brought cybercrime awareness to an entirely new level. With more than 50 percent of the Fortune 1000 and millions more computers worldwide compromised, the threat of malware is not a possibility but a probability. In fact, a recent Ponemon Institute study revealed that the median annualized cost of cybercrime among 45 of the world’s largest enterprises was $3.8 Million. With huge financial losses at stake, no business large or small can afford to risk falling victim to the perils of malware. In this presentation, Sean-Paul Correll and Luis Corrons, threat researchers at Panda Security, a company that played an instrumental role in shutting down Mariposa with international law authorities, will educate attendees on:

- The new and sophisticated tactics cybercriminals are using to gain entry into corporate networks
- How botnets like Mariposa operate and proliferate, and how even amateur hackers can successfully execute a highly damaging botnet
- An essential security checklist that companies must employ to ensure they are fully protected from devastating malware threats

Luis Corrons

Luis Corrons is the director of research for PandaLabs as well as a malware alerts coordinator for worldwide infection situations, dealing with worms such as Klez, SQLSlammer, Sobig, Blaster, Sasser and Mydoom. He has coordinated several malware automation projects, such as the automatic analysis and response system, and the malware automatic information system. Corrons blogs regularly on the PandaLabs research blog, is widely quoted in the press and speaks frequently at international IT security events.

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About Sean-Paul Correll

Sean-Paul Correll is a threat researcher at PandaLabs, the malware analysis and detection laboratory for Panda Security. Correll is credited with discovering the Twitter trending topics attacks, as well as for leading groundbreaking research on social networking cybercrime, Rogueware, and Blackhat SEO. Correll serves as a frequent resource for law enforcement, national, and security press, including USA Today, PC World, Computerworld, InformationWeek and many others. He is also the founder of the Malware Database, a repository of malware information that aids fellow researchers in sharing malware samples and threat intelligence. He most recently spoke at the Security B-Sides events in Las Vegas and San Francisco, and is a frequent contributor to ISSA events and publications.