KEYNOTE 2: Paul Vixie (President, ISC)

Presentation Title Taking Back the DNS
Presentation Abstract

Every day lots of new names are added to the global DNS, and most of them belong to scammers, spammers, e-criminals, and speculators. The DNS industry has a lot of highly capable and competitive registrars and registries who have made it possible to reserve or create a new name in just seconds, and to create millions of them per day.

Society’s bottom feeders have always found ways to use public infrastructure to their own advantage, and the Internet has done what it always does which is to accelerate such misuse and enable it to scale in ways no one could have imagined just a few years ago. Just as organized crime has always required access to the world’s money supply and banking system, so it is that organized e-crime now requires access to the Internet’s resource allocation systems.

About Paul Vixie

Paul Vixie holds the record for “most CERT advisories due to a single author” which came primarily from his years hacking on BIND4 and BIND8. Later on he cut off the oxygen supply to his brain by wearing a necktie for AboveNet, MFN, and PAIX. At the moment he is President at ISC where his primary duty is to sign paychecks for the people who bring you BIND9 and F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET. He is the current Chairman of ARIN, and is also an occasional critic of just about everything.