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Latest Updates

Welcome to Hack In The Box Security Conference 2003. This website currently serves as an archive of our second security conference which was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, from December 12th to 14th 2003.

Latest Updates:

10th February 2004

As promised, we have uploaded the slides and materials that were given out to conference attendees. I understand people are quite upset we've taken so long to update this page... My sincerest apologies for this, however as most of you know we all have full time jobs which sometimes unfortunately takes up all our available time. The slides & code can be found here.

Below are the results of the Capture The Flag competition. If you'd like to have a copy of the CTF IDS traffic, please send an e-mail to kamal -at- Do note that the raw file is close to 4GB in size!

CTF Results

1st place - MoS (Malaysia)
Members: TOYOK, omen, nt, x314, gmie J

2nd place - Digital Trancendence Force (Malaysia)
Members: Au Kok Kean, Gavin Chow, Willian Cheang, Kelvin Goh

3rd place - Dot Slash Jack (Malaysia)
Members: Alex Cheong, Khairudin Pie, James Tseng, Alex Chua, Chan Zhan Wei

4th place - Blackhawkdown (India)
Members: Anand Khare, Burra Veeresham, Ravi Kiran Raju Yerra

Teams that pulled out:

- Ingramz (Singapore)
- Rotiboy (Malaysia)
- Asurada (Singapore)
- Zen (Malaysia)

HITBSecConf2003 DVD

We will be releasing the finalised DVD of the business and technical tracks. Do note that the entire conference (both tracks) will take up around 6 DVDs. Pricing and availability will be announced here and on the main site.

2nd February 2004

The conference pictures have finally been uploaded -- you can check them out over here. We'll be putting up the CTF results, the speaker presentations, code and other miscellaneous bits over the next couple of days. I do apologize for the very late upate, but we've all been completey swamped since the end of December!

14th December 2003

Hey guys -- I know everyone is wondering why the slides, code etc is not up yet, but we've been completely swamped as I'm sure most of you know... We'll be putting up all the content over the coming days including photos from all 3 days etc. We will be releasing a DVD recording of the conference tracks which should be available for sale around Christmas time hopefully. On a sidenote, for those of you who are wondering what happened with HD Moore's possible 0-day exploit against Windows Server 2003 discovered YESTERDAY (within 15 minutes at that!!!); HD has informed us that he will require more time in order to research further into what he's discovered. He's on holiday right now anyway, so he will most likely only get started on anything once he gets back to the US (next month). Cheers and thanks to everyone who made it over for the event!

12th December 2003

HITBSecConf2003 has kicked off !!!

9th December 2003

Event itinerary has been uploaded. You can check it out here.

3rd December 2003

  • HD Moore has announced his topic! Details here.
  • We are pleased to announce our new speaker, Anurana Saluja, from NSS MSC. His bio and presentation details are available here.

    2nd December 2003

  • We are pleased to announce our new speaker, Yerra Ravi Kiran Raju, from NSS MSC. His bio and presentation details are available here.
  • CtF Game registration was closed yesterday (1st December). A total of 9 teams have registered. We will no longer be accepting any CtF registrations.

    22nd November 2003

  • We are pleased to announce that seven teams have registered for the Capture the Flag Game.
  • Closing date for CtF Game registration is on the 1st December 2003. We will no longer accept any team registration after this date.

    13th November 2003

  • We are pleased to announce that Meling Mudin and CM Wong have announced their papers.

    11th November 2003

  • We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our speakers list -- Simos Xenitellis who will be presenting a paper and demonstration on event-driven system security vulnerabilities.
  • Updated media/press coverage page with latest article from The Star Intech - LSD comes to Malaysian shores.

    8th November 2003

  • Shreeraj Shah has announced his paper "Defending Web Application: Strategies, methods and practices"!

    6th November 2003

  • Updated Press/Media Page with new postings from Security Forums and an interview regarding the conference with TechFocus.

    3rd November 2003

  • Updated Booth Kit and Sponsorship Kit available for download.
  • Nitesh Dhanjani has announced his paper "Hacking with Linux Kernel Modules"!

    30th October 2003

  • Announcing the latest addition to our speakers list -- Red Dragon of The Hackers Choice (!

    26th October 2003

  • Updated speakers page -- Presentation title and abstract for Job De Haas's slot has been announced!
  • Updated media/press coverage page.

    23rd October 2003

  • Announcing OpenHack!!! Read all about it here
  • Call for papers updated! Read the details here
  • Capture the Flags rules and game play updated! Read it here
  • Contacts page updated.

    22nd October 2003

    1.) PLEASE TAKE NOTE! The conference has moved from Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th December 2003 to Friday 12th of December 2003 and Saturday 13th of December 2003 while Capture The Flag has been moved to Saturday the 13th & Sunday the 14th! The event itinerary will be updated in the coming days as well. The reason for this switch is mainly to give equal access to both individuals, students and corporate attendees who wish to attend the conference. The reason we moved CTF is just to avoid cramping everything up on Friday.

    2.) We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our speaker list -- HD Moore! For more information on HD please take a look here.

    21st October 2003

  • Booth form and booth agreement terms are available online.
  • Download the booth form here.
  • Download the booth and exhibition agreement terms here.

    10th October 2003

  • Updated press/media coverage page.

    7th October 2003

  • CALL FOR PAPERS IS NOW OPEN! Check it out here.

    2nd October 2003:

  • Updated speaker list.
  • Updates regarding CTF to be released.
  • Supporting organization information and other details to be released.
  • Call for papers opens Monday 6th October 2003!

    22nd September 2003:


    14th September 2003

  • Updated Speaker List
  • FAQ page is now available
  • MB2U Payment How-To Page
  • Updated Contact Us Page
  • Sponsorship & Booth Kits (see FAQ item 10)

  • HITBSecConf 2003

    The main aim of HITBSecConf2003 is to enable the dissemination, discussion and sharing of network security information. Presented by respected members of both the mainstream network security arena as well as the underground or blackhat community, this years conference promises to deliver a look at several new attack methods that have not been seen or discussed in public before.

    Event Date Time Venue
    Capture The Flag 'Live' Hacking Competition 13th & 14th December 9am to 5pm Mid Valley Exhibition Center
    Technology Exhibition & Showcase 12th, 13th & 14th December 9am to 5pm Mid Valley Exhibition Center
    Dual Track Security Conference 12th & 13th December 8:30am to 5:30pm Cititel Mid Valley

  • The Last Stage of Delirium Group (4 members)
  • Sheeraj Shah
  • Nitesh Dhanjani
  • Job De Haas
  • Spoonfork
  • Pokleyzz
  • Dinesh Nair
  • Wong Chun Meng
  • HD Moore UPDATED!!!
  • Red Dragon
  • Simos Xenitellis
  • Yerra Ravi Kiran Raju NEW!!!
  • Anurana Saluja NEW!!!

    Detailed speakers bios are available here

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